Drawing a universal thought from experience and observation.
Creating rational lighting systems for an idea of space in constant definition.

MITTAM is a Swiss company specialising in technical-lighting solutions.
Technology, energy efficiency and innovation are the core points at the basis of MITTAM project design, pursued scrupulously in order to be
the best technical-lighting parter for any type of clientele. A design-driven approach aimed at modularity and functionality, fitting in perfectly with modern living
Mittam - For Light Lovers Mittam - For Light Lovers

MITTAM supplies a wide range of high quality lighting devices for various applications sectors:

  • Residential
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Office

Innovative, highly personalised solutions that satisfy high standard requirements in terms of compatibility, efficiency and ergonomics.

Mittam - For Light Lovers
Mittam - For Light Lovers

Functional minimalism: a design which subscribes to a profoundly Swiss visual language designed to eliminate everything that is superfluous in order to highlight only the necessary.

Mittam - For Light Lovers

Our eyes are made to see shapes under light. Shadows and lights reveal shapes; cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders or pyramids are the great original shapes which light reveals. Their image appears to us as clear and tangible, without ambiguity.

Le Corbusier

To preserve light. To learn to locate it where it lives best, to allow it to release all the intelligence it possesses. To reveal the beauty of the world, to give it space and allow it to last in the eyes of those who admire it. To spread the art of lighting and allow it to be co-penetrated by other disciplines,
other horizons, other realities. Another way of eliminating barriers and borders. To make the experience of every environment memorable, climbing from mere perception to knowledge.
From sensation to culture. Through light.
Mittam - For Light Lovers

The project design of a lighting system is based on a rigorous examination of reality. It starts from detailed research into what the market has to offer. From development needs and what’s new in the sector. From chinks of innovation towards which to direct efforts. All in order to create products far from dysfunctional canons, pursuing an objective simplicity.

‘Form follow function’.
i.e.: to monitor the cultural dynamics that influence the use of spaces and to imagine products that are in continuity with the social and cultural changes of the present. MITTAM has, in its DNA, an approach aimed at functionality.
An all-round way of operating which is
successful thanks to the presence of a team of professionals that has been working in the lighting world for years and that designs luminaires following the dictates of Swiss design.
Simplicity, clarity and rationality.
Mittam - For Light Lovers
MITTAM exports Swiss experience all over the world.
A strategic asset which places the company in a profitable dialogue with prescribers, professionals and companies thanks to a systematic procedural know-how and dynamic expertise calibrated ad hoc on each client.